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Rappi raises a monster funding round, Sequoia writes about the LatAm startup scene, and the story of Culqi from founding to exit

Funding news ­čĺŞ

  • Rappi raises a monster $500M round at a $5.25B valuation
  • Argentinian crypto exchange, Buenbit raises a $11M series A
  • Mexican orthodontics startup, Moons raises $9M to continue expansion
  • Argentina's VU Security raises $11.76M to secure identities and prevent fraud
  • Yummy raises $4M, aiming to be the 'super-app' for Venezuela

Other funding: Plerk, SiembraCo, Cleanlight, U-Planner, Pura Mente

Startup news ­čĺí

Startup profiles: Kuick

Investor & Accelerator news ­čÜÇ

  • Softbank prepares $5B for investing in Latin American startups, doubling it's previous allocation
  • Estimates of between $6B-$9B invested in Latin American startups in the first half of 2021. Either way, it's a record level of funding.
  • ALLVP launches an "Operator Network" inviting Angel investors and operators to co-invest in their deals

Mergers and acquisitions ­čĄŁ

Interesting reads ­čĄô

  • Sequoia reflects on the Latin American startup opportunity
  • How MercadoLibre is changing the way Latin Americans shop and pay
  • Endeavour writes a retrospective of Mexico's Entrepreneurial Tech Ecosystem
  • ALLVP Twitter thread on the rise of Latin America's versions of the Paypal mafia - Groupon, Rappi, Domicilios, Linio

Listen/Watch ­čÄž

  • (ES) The history of Culqi, from founding to exit
  • (ES) Cristian Pati├▒o on how to bootstrap and scale a startup to millions in sales
  • (ES) Courtney McColgan from Runa talks about being a non-technical solo founder and fundraising
  • (ES) Eduardo Paulsen of Mexican eyewear startup Ben & Frank shares his perspective on retail and e-commerce in Latin America.